Every cow. Every calving.

Research published in the Journal of Dairy Science indicates that one feeding of QuadriCal® holds health and economic benefits. Cows given QuadriCal® had fewer cases of DA, metritis (in low Ca cows) and RP (in second lactation and greater cows), and produced more milk in all statistically significant analyses. Read the full Journal of Dairy Science article from Dairy Health and Management Services, LLC and Cornell University here. 

Read a summary of QuadriCal® research

QuadriCal® Benefits

4 sources of highly available calcium

Uncoated and soluble boluses for faster absorption

Fully hydrated calcium

50-54 grams of calcium per feeding to supplement cows with subclinical hypocalcemia 

Niacin for energy metabolism and liver function 

Vitamin D to aid calcium utilization 

Research indicates QuadriCal® holds benefits even for herds using an anionic salt program (Read the Journal of Dairy Science article from UC-Davis on a large trial of Jersey cows fed anionic salts and QuadriCal® here)  

Also available in a smaller size for small-framed cattle such as Jerseys  

Health and productivity results after feeding QuadriCal® have been consistent across studies. Read a Progressive Dairyman article on recent QuadriCal® research here. 


“All cows get one dose after calving and another dose 12 hours later. We just started giving the heifers one dose after calving to see if it helps them get over transition issues a little easier. I’m seeing some benefits, so I think we’re going to keep doing that with the heifers.” Click here to view full testimonial. 

“We’ve been using QuadriCal® for a couple of years now. Before starting it, we would sometimes see milk fever in the fresh cows after the first milking. I don’t see that anymore since I started using QuadriCal® right after they freshen. We give one dose of QuadriCal® to every cow after calving, and sometimes a second dose if she looks like she’s a little wobbly.” Click here to view full testimonial. 

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